Father's Day Etsy Gift Guide!

sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017

minimal concrete model home handmade by MaterialImmaterial from India $48.00 USD
recycled sterling silver tube ring by EdithToledano from Israel $160.00 USD
minimalist painting love gift for him by MessyBedStudio from USA $35.00 USD 
rogue waxed canvas backpack by Pegandawl from USA $394.00 USD
stainless steel cup with leather strap by YieldDesignCo from USA $42.00 USD
black linen scarf by LINOHAZE from Lithuania $30.00 USD 
black men ecofriendly felted slippers by Wooppers From Greece $76.30+ USD 
vintage French railway work jacket 1960's by SASAKIYOHINTEN from Japan $137.51 USD
gray world map fleece blanket throw by Mapology from USA $44.00+

stock and prices might vary for more information contact the designer directly


3 comentarios :

chryssa@wooppers dijo...

Very inspired collection! thanks a lot!

Lisa dijo...

great father's day collection! thank you Fernanda!

Edith Toledano dijo...

Thank you so much, Fernanda, for your great collection!