etsy gift guide

sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

women's minimalist top 100% linen by LittleFieldBirch from The Netherlands $60.83 USD
fine art photography downloadable art by SeaBreezePhotography from Scotland No price available
modern white textile crochet earrings by AliquidTextileJewels from Italy $19.70 USD
palomino cowhide card holder by PrimecutBags from USA $30.00 USD
tribal chick necklace African style by OneTribeJewelry from USA $75.00 USD
vintage french text heart party decor by CatchSomeRaes from USA $4.80 USD
 Otomi style ring keum-boo design by DeSantisCristina from Mexico $245.00 USD
custom eco gypsy bridesmaid dress in ivory dusty rose by kateblossom from USA $85.00 USD
go walk printed postcard from an original illustration by natiasleptsova from Ukraine $2.89 USD

stock and prices might vary for more information contact the designer directly


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