goodbye treasuries!

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016

When I met Etsy it was really great, I discover a lot of beautiful things done manually from all over the world. There were people there doing the same I was trying to do and they were having fun and receiving money from they knowledge. I got really excited when I started  to be part of it. I have always been an aesthetic rightist and a lover of independent design, Etsy was the paradise, it had both. 

Most of that beautiful stuff were happy accidents which I fall into thru a Treasury list. 

When I finally got the chance to do a Treasury, months after trying to get the opportunity of making one - they use to be just a few lists available to be done and they run out extremely fast- I just fall in love with them. It was a pleasure and a goal to make a beautiful mosaic piece, a true Treasure, with those designs I was finding in my way of surfing Etsy.

Years after they became available for everybody all the time, with such an offer I begin to create all I could on each visit to Etsy site.

With the time I started to make contact with the creators of that lovely founds. The shops got a face and a name, and I started including they work in my Treasuries because I liked it and them as well as a way to apply a great Etsy's principle I strongly believe in community support.

We have never been a team but we act like it, all those who were committed to the Treasuries community action help me grow my store & I help them. 

Now that Treasuries are disappearing I'm nostalgic already and worried for the future of this community and my shop itself. I want to believe Etsy will bring us another tool even better, that will help us continue improving our sales thru community behavior, so let's say goodbye to Treasuries making a lot of them before they gone and remembering all they gave us.

Special thanks to Brittany & Heidi for the great free tools they made available for all of us! 

Treasuries were...











For her 

For him

For them  


They had endless possibilities...

All treasuries are a selection of my favorites, some are shown with the original design, others I took the liberty of editing as they were pretty old and show very empty, anyway tried to add back items from those stores that did not appear anymore.
Thanks to all who show your support to my work including one of my pieces in your own treasuries. 
I'm not sure what have I enjoyed more, making them or doing the reassembly. 
Sorry! I was redesigning my blog and accidentally delete the original post and all its comments of course....


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